75 Jahre Stars&Stripes in Europa: Samstag in Kaiserslautern/Ramstein

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Die US-Soldatenzeitung Stars&Stripes, auch das hat sehr viel mit deutscher Geschichte zu tun, kam im April 1942 nach Europa. Diese 75-jährige Geschichte dieses sehr interessanten Mediums ist hier sehr schön zusammengefasst, aber: Es wird am kommenden Wochenende dazu auch ein paar Veranstaltungen geben. Natürlich in der größten US-Garnison in Deutschland, in Kaiserslautern, und auf der benachbarten Airbase Ramstein.

Und da werde ich auch anwesend sein: Bei den Events gibt es eine Podiumsdiskussion, unter anderem mit einem  representative from the German media, und das bin, hm, ich. Am Abend beim formal dinner bin ich auch dabei.

Ich weiß nun nicht wirklich, ob und wie viele Leser ich im US-Militär in Deutschland habe. Wenn es welche gibt, wenn sie am Samstag in Ramstein anwesend sind: Just say hello. Würde mich freuen.

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General Atomics to challenge German Bundeswehr Drone Procurement Decision in Court


The procurement process for the first armed drones for the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, will be delayed by three to nine months after U.S. drone manufacturer General Atomics challenged the procurement decision for Israeli-built Heron TP UAVs in court, the German Defense Ministry told lawmakers on Tuesday. weiterlesen

Germany to procure Israeli Heron TP UAV for the Bundeswehr


Germany has decided to start the procurement process for Israeli-built Heron TP UAV for its armed forces, the Bundeswehr, defence minister Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday.

„Our chief of defence has decided that we will go into negotiation with the Israelis with the aim of leasing the Heron TP as a recconaissance drone to protect our soldiers“, von der Leyen told reporters in Berlin. „We are talking about an UAV that can be armed. This will be the standard in the future, because this is important for the protection of our soldiers on deployment“, she added.

With Tuesday’s decision, the German MoD rejected a proposal by U.S. UAV manufacturer General Atomics to procure its Predator unmanned aircraft. weiterlesen

German Armed forces to scrap G36 Assault Rifle, will procure new system

The German Armed Foces will replace its standard weapon, the G36 assault rifle, with a new system. Procuring of a new assault rifle could begin as early as 2019, under secretary for procurement Katrin Suder told the Bundestag’s defence committee on Tuesday. The decision comes after months of heated debate over the shortfalls of the G36, manufactured by the German company Heckler&Koch. According to the Ministry of Defence, the rifle lacks precision when overheating after hundreds of rounds in a battle situation, but also when subject to temperature change in hot climate.

The precision problems had been discovered as early as 2012, but only after several years of testing defence minister Ursula von der Leyen decreed in March that the G36, of which the Bundeswehr had procured approximately 170,000 units, „in its current construction status will have no future in the Bundeswehr“. Hoewever, before Tuesday’s decision the ministry also had considered the option to upgrade the weapons in its arsenal. Instead, the armed forces will procure „a new generation of assault rifles“, Suder told lawmakers. Requirements for the new standard assault rifle, to be defined until mid-November,  „are going far beyond an upgrade of the G36“, which has been in service for almost 20 years. weiterlesen

The German Armed Forces weekly deployment summaries: Now on file here


Since February 2011, the Bundeswehr, the German Armed Forces, have published a weekly summary of the deployment of German soldiers, from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Somalia. Nothing classified in there, but it comes pretty handy when you want to look up German troop strength in Afghanistan in August 2013 or deployed vessels in anti-piracy operations off Africa in September 2011.

However, as the Bundeswehr’s (and the MoD’s) content managing system is, uh, a bit special, you will find recent summaries, but not older ones (and the links you might have saved or find on Wikipedia won’t work anymore). So, I’ve uploaded all Unterichtungen der Öffentlichkeit (information to the public), archived in pdf format here.

It’s all in German, of course, but it might help when you know where to look.

(Caveat: You will find information only on deployments which require parliamentary approval. So e.g. deployments inside NATO territory, like Luftwaffe Eurofighters in the Baltic Air Policing mission, will not be mentioned there.)

(Photo: German soldier with the EU Training mission in Mali supervising AK47 training  – EUTM Mali)

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