The German Armed Forces weekly deployment summaries: Now on file here


Since February 2011, the Bundeswehr, the German Armed Forces, have published a weekly summary of the deployment of German soldiers, from Afghanistan to Kosovo to Somalia. Nothing classified in there, but it comes pretty handy when you want to look up German troop strength in Afghanistan in August 2013 or deployed vessels in anti-piracy operations off Africa in September 2011.

However, as the Bundeswehr’s (and the MoD’s) content managing system is, uh, a bit special, you will find recent summaries, but not older ones (and the links you might have saved or find on Wikipedia won’t work anymore). So, I’ve uploaded all Unterichtungen der Öffentlichkeit (information to the public), archived in pdf format here.

It’s all in German, of course, but it might help when you know where to look.

(Caveat: You will find information only on deployments which require parliamentary approval. So e.g. deployments inside NATO territory, like Luftwaffe Eurofighters in the Baltic Air Policing mission, will not be mentioned there.)

(Photo: German soldier with the EU Training mission in Mali supervising AK47 training  – EUTM Mali)