Ukraine/Russland/NATO – der Sammler am 30. Mai 2022

Weiter Kämpfe um einzelne Ortschaften im Osten der Ukraine – und weiter Artillerieduelle im andauernden russischen Angriffskrieg. Der Sammler am 30. Mai 2022:

• Das britische Intel Update:

Russia has likely suffered devastating losses amongst its mid and junior ranking officers in the conflict. Brigade and battalion commanders likely deploy forwards into harm’s way because they are held to an uncompromising level of responsibility for their units’ performance.
Similarly, junior officers have had to lead the lowest level tactical actions, as the army lacks the cadre of highly trained and empowered non-commissioned officers (NCOs) who fulfil that role in Western forces.
The loss of large proportion of the younger generation of professional officers will likely exacerbate its ongoing problems in modernising its approach to command and control.
More immediately, battalion tactical groups (BTGs) which are being reconstituted in Ukraine from survivors of multiple units are likely to be less effective due to a lack of junior leaders.
With multiple credible reports of localised mutinies amongst Russia’s forces in Ukraine, a lack of experienced and credible platoon and company commanders is likely to result to a further decrease in morale and continued poor discipline.

• Das Morgenbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 06.00 on May 30 2022.
The ninety-sixth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
russian enemy does not stop conducting offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone. In the Volyn and Polissya directions there are without significant changes.
In the Siversky direction, russian enemy launched air strikes on objects in the Sumy oblast in the areas of the settlements of Zapsillya, Myropillya and artillery shelling near Kindrativka.
In the Kharkiv direction, russian enemy fired on the areas north and northeast of the city of Kharkiv, as well as the settlements of Ruski Tyshky, Cherkasy Tyshky, Ruska Lozova, Pytomnyk, Borshchova and Peremoha.
In the Slovyansk direction, russian enemy group regroups troops to resume the offensive in the directions Izyum – Barvinkove, Izyum – Slovyansk.
russian enemy is holding the Ka-52 helicopter squadron ready for air support to units in the area north of the city of Izyum.
As part of the logistical support and replenishment of the units that suffered casualties, russian enemy moved more than 250 weapons and military equipment to the temporarily occupied settlements. In order to increase the efficiency of the transfer of troops and equipment, the enemy rebuilt the railway bridge near the city of Kupyansk.
In the Donetsk direction, russian aggressor’s units are focusing on offensive operations to surround our troops in the Lysychansk and Severodonetsk districts and to block the main logistics routes.
In the Lyman direction, russian enemy is consolidating in the settlement of Lyman, regrouping for a further attack on Slovyansk.
In the Sievierodonetsk direction, the enemy is fixed on
northeastern and southeastern outskirts of Severodonetsk. To strengthen the group of troops, it transferred ammunition and equipment from the territory of the russian federation to certain areas.
In the Bakhmut direction, russian occupiers are regrouping for a further offensive in the direction of Olexandropilla – Komyshuvakha.
russian enemy did not wage active hostilities in the Kurakhiv and Novopavliv areas. Carries out fire damage to our troops, in particular, uses operational-tactical and army aircraft.
In the Zaporizhzhia direction, russian occupiers strengthened the group by moving up to 120 weapons and military equipment from the Melitopol area in the direction of Vasylivka.
In the South Buh area, russian enemy continues to focus its efforts on maintaining the occupied borders, restraining the actions of our troops and preventing the transfer of the Defense Forces‘ reserves to other areas.
To replenish the losses of the group of troops, russian occupiers are moving from the territory of the russian federation and the temporarily occupied Crimea withdrawn military equipment.
In the Nykolayiv direction, russian enemy transferred separate divisions to the certain directions for the purpose of carrying out offensive actions for return of the lost positions.
In the Kryvyi Rih direction, russian enemy continues artillery shelling of the positions of our troops and is conducting a counter-battery fight.
No significant changes in the situation have been noted in the Black Sea and Azov operational zones.
Over the past 24hrs, fourteen enemy attacks have been repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, two artillery systems, eleven units of armored combat vehicles and ten enemy vehicles have been destroyed. Air Defense units shot down two cruise missiles and three Cube-type UAVs.
Fighters of the Air Force shot down two enemy UAVs over Sumy region the day before.
Ukrainian aircraft also launched an air strike on the occupying forces in the area of ​​Dovhenke. There are losses to the enemy in other areas.

• Das Briefing des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums:

High-precision air-based missiles have hit 2 command and control posts of AFU battalions, 1 communications centre, as well as 34 areas of AFU manpower and military equipment concentration.
Operational-tactical and army aviation have hit 3 strong points and 67 areas of AFU manpower and military equipment concentration.
The attacks have resulted in the elimination of more than 320 nationalists and 47 weapons and military equipment.
Russian air defence means have shot down 15 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Severodonetsk, Novochervonoe, Vasilevka of the Lugansk People’s Republic, Panteleimonovka, Grigorovka, Krasnovka, Nevelskoe of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Petrapolie, Petrovskoe, Glinskoe of Kharkov Region, Chornobaevka and Aleksandrovka of Kherson Region.
In addition, 9 Ukrainian Smerch multiple-launch rockets have been intercepted near Malaya Kamyshevakha, Kamenka, Brazhkovka, Glinskoe in Kharkov Region and Chernobaevka in Kherson Region.
Missile troops and artillery have hit 62 command posts, including those of Operational Command South near Novy Bug, Nikolaev Region, as well as 593 areas of AFU manpower and military equipment concentration and 55 artillery and mortar batteries at firing positions.
4 BM-21 Grad multiple-launch rocket launchers, 46 Ukrainian weapons and military equipment, as well as 1 ammunition depot near Novomikhailovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, have been destroyed.
In addition, more than 15 Ukrainian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles and 5 large-calibre artillery mounts have been destroyed as a result of artillery strike on a hangar on the territory of Okean shipyard in Nikolaev city.
In total, 183 Ukrainian aircraft and 128 helicopters, 1,064 unmanned aerial vehicles, 325 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,323 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 451 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,731 field artillery and mortars, as well as 3,294 units of special military vehicles were destroyed during the operation.

• Das Abendbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 18.00 on May 30 2022.
The ninety-sixth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
In the Volyn and Polissya directions there are without much change. Until June 4 this year, the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus will continue to check combat readiness.
In the Siversky direction, russian enemy continues to carry out artillery shelling from the territory of the russian federation of Border Areas, namely the settlements of Boyaro-Lezhachi and Manukhivka in the Sumy oblast and Yanzhulivka and Kamenska Sloboda in the Chernihiv oblast.
In the Slobozhansky direction, russian enemy continues to prepare for the offensive, studies the probable ways of advancing, supplying weapons and military equipment and material resources from the territory of the russian federation.
In order to reduce the offensive potential of our troops, it fires down the positions of the Defense Forces with barrel artillery and jet artillery.
russian enemy did not take active action in the Kharkiv direction. The main effort is focused on deterring the actions of Ukrainian units. It fired on civilian infrastructure in the settlements of Odnorobivka, Udy, Ruski Tyshky and Cherkasy Tyshky.
In the Slovyansk direction, russain enemy continues to regroup troops to resume the offensive in the directions of Izyum – Barvinkove and Izyum – Slovyansk. In the direction of the settlement Kurulka russian enemy made an attempt to conduct assault operations, was unsuccessful, retreated to previously occupied positions.
In the Donetsk direction, russian enemy, in addition to artillery shelling, struck air strikes in the areas of Novoselivka and Lysychansk, missile strikes in the areas of Soledar and Siversk.
In the Lyman direction, russian enemy regroups and prepares for the offensive. It tried to reconnoiter the routes of advance through water obstacles.
In the Sievierodonetsk direction, the enemy is conducting assault operations in the areas of the settlements of Sievierodonetsk, Toshkivka and Ustynivka, and hostilities continue.
Fighting continues in the Bakhmut direction in the areas of the settlements of Komyshuvakha, Novoluhanske and Berestove.
In the Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv and Zaporizhzhia areas, the enemy is unsuccessful, trying to strengthen the group and make up for losses due to outdated and restored equipment.
russian enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the South Buh area. It fired on civilian infrastructure in the areas of settlements Posad-Pokrovske, Osokorivka, Novovorontsovka, Blahodatne, Partyzanske and others.
During the successful offensive of the Defense Forces, russian enemy suffered losses and withdrew from the village of Mykolayivka, Kherson oblast, which led to panic among servicemen of other units of the armed forces of the russian federation.
In the Kryvyi Rih direction, the enemy fired artillery at our troops and fought a counter-battery battle.
In the Black and Azov Seas, Black Sea Fleet ships continue to carry out tasks to isolate the combat area, conduct reconnaissance and fire support in the coastal direction. russian enemy is blocking civilian shipping in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.
One carrier of naval-based cruise missiles of the „Caliber“ type is ready to use missile weapons in the Black Sea.
In order to ensure the consolidated unit of the Armed Forces of the russian federation, located on the island of Snake, marked the transition in the direction of the island of the landing boat „Dugon“ and two anti-sabotage boats „Raptor“.
russian occupiers continue to increase the air defense system in the temporarily occupied Crimea. In certain areas, russian enemy deployed additional S-300 anti-aircraft missile divisions of the 4th Army of the Southern Military District to two anti-aircraft missile divisions.
russian occupiers continue to suffer losses on the territory of Ukraine, which leads to a further decline in morale. The number of enemy personnel is constantly increasing, trying in every way to avoid hostilities.

• Im Osten der Ukraine wurde ein französischer Journalist getötet, der von Evakuierungsbemühungen berichtete. Von der New York Times:

A 32-year-old French journalist was killed on Monday in eastern Ukraine when the armored bus he was riding in was hit by shrapnel from a shell, according to French and Ukrainian authorities.
President Emmanuel Macron of France named the journalist as Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff and said he was in Ukraine to “show the reality of the war.”  (…)
At least seven journalists have been killed and at least nine have been injured in Ukraine since Russia invaded on Feb. 24, Reporters Without Borders said last week.