Handgranaten-Angriff auf KFOR an Grenzübergang

Aus Zeitgründen hier nur unkommentiert die aktuelle KFOR-Mitteilung:

Grenades thrown at KFOR compound in DOG 31
BRNJAK Crossing Point
At 04:00am this morning two (2) hand grenades were thrown at the KFOR Compound in DOG 31 at the BRNJAK Crossing Point. One exploded, the other remained unexploded in the middle of the road, blocking traffic.
A KFOR Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team has been alerted.
One KFOR soldier has received slight hearing loss; no significant material damage has been reported.
For safety reasons and to facilitate ongoing investigations BRNJAK Crossing Point (DOG31) will remain closed until further notice.

Nachtrag: Die Abschlussmeldung:

The Administrative Crossing Point at BRNJAK (DOG 31) has been re-opened after this morning’s incident when one hand-grenade appears to have exploded in the vicinity whereas a second hand-grenade did not detonate but was found on the road.
The explosion did not cause material damage. The second hand-grenade which failed to explode has been destroyed by means of a controlled explosion carried out by a KFOR Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team.
EULEX and Kosovo Police, having completed their examinations of the scene, are continuing to investigate the matter.
KFOR again condemns the totally unacceptable use of violence, which will be strongly opposed by KFOR.