Nichts ist gut in Afghanistan?

Wenn der Tag mit solchen Nachrichten beginnt, mag man Schlimmes befürchten. Vielleicht eine Frage der Perspektive.

The United States military has said in a secret report that the Taliban, backed by Pakistan, are set to retake control over Afghanistan after NATO-led forces withdraw from the country, Britain’s Times of London newspaper said Wednesday. – Reuters

(Nachtrag: Der ursprüngliche Bericht der Times ist zwar nicht offen zugänglich, ein Times-Korrespondent hat aber wesentliche Auszüge bei Google+ eingestellt.)

The Taliban in Afghanistan are being directly assisted by Pakistani security services, according to a secret Nato report seen by the BBC.BBC

A man wearing an Afghan army uniform shot and killed a NATO service member, the international military coalition said Wednesday, the latest in a rising number of similar attacks.AP