25 verletzte Soldaten im Kosovo: KFOR droht mit harten Reaktionen

Die Bilanz der heutigen Gewaltausbrüche in Kosovo: 25 verletzte KFOR-Soldaten – nach den zwei verwundeten deutschen Soldaten wurden 23 weitere Opfer von Molotow-Cocktails und Feuerwerkskörpern, die von den kosovarischen Serben auf sie geschleudert wurden. Acht der Verletzten, hieß es aus dem Streitkräfteführungskommando in Graz, seien österreichische Soldaten.

KFOR kündigte am Abend an, künftig auf Angriffe wie den heutigen, bei dem auch scharf geschossen wurde, härter zu reagieren:

This morning the roadblock- removal operation by KFOR went as planned. KFOR was executing its mandate to re-establish Freedom of Movement. The operation was successful and was completed without violence to the demonstrators.
Later on demonstrators attacked KFOR positions and inflicted injuries. The protestors opened fire with small arms at KFOR troops and two soldiers were wounded. The violence by the protestors is still ongoing. The protestors use explosive devices and Molotov Cocktails against KFOR. So far the violence resulted in 23 additional injured soldiers in the late afternoon and evening. The protestors could not be called as peaceful demonstrators at all, but as violent and criminal. Up to now KFOR only used pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons. However, in life threatening situations like this KFOR soldiers will respond with all proportionate means.
KFOR’s mission is to contribute to a safe and secure environment in Kosovo which includes freedom of movement in accordance with its mandate, under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.
Any action threatening a safe and secure environment and the life of anyone is unacceptable. KFOR will take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of all the people of Kosovo, but also of its soldiers.

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