Petraeus sieht Wendepunkt für Afghanistan

Der ISAF-Kommandeur David Petraeus berichtet heute vor dem Armed Services Committee des US-Senats über die Lage in Afghanistan. Die Kollegen vom AfPakChannel haben schon seinen vorbereiteten Bericht in die Hand bekommen, die Kernaussage gleich zu Beginn:

As a bottom line up front, it is ISAF’s assessment that the momentum achieved by theTaliban in Afghanistan since 2005 has been arrested in much of the country and reversed in a number of important areas.  However, while the security progress achieved over the past year is significant, it is also fragile and reversible.  Moreover, it is clear that much difficult work lies ahead with our Afghan partners to solidify and expand our gains in the face of the expected Taliban spring offensive.

Das ganze Statement haben sie auch netterweise hier zum Herunterladen bereitgestellt.