RC N Watch: Örtliche Journalisten beklagen Sicherheitslage in Kundus

Zur Situation in Nordafghanistan, im ISAF-Regionalkommando Nord, hier mal unkommentiert die Einschätzung der örtlichen Journalisten:

A number of journalists in northern Kunduz and Takhar provinces expressed their grave concerns over what they feared growing insecurity and lack of cooperation by local authorities to cover the activities during the landmark elections.
Shahbaz Sabiri, a journalist, while addressing a gathering of media-people in Kunduz said many areas in the province were in control of Taliban which was a serious threat to the entire election process.

Nachtrag: Dieser Bericht des Wall Street Journal zur Situation in Afghanistan, über den RC North hinaus, gehört hier auch hin: West Explores Plan B for Forces in Afghanistan – Kabul Diplomats Conclude Karzai Won’t Sign Security Deal With U.S.

KABUL—Several senior Western diplomats here have concluded that Afghan President Hamid Karzai won’t sign a security deal with the U.S.
Bracing for that possibility, some of America’s allies have begun exploring other ways to keep U.S.-led forces in the country after the coalition’s mandate expires in December.