RC N Watch: Machtkampf in Kundus

Seitdem die Bundeswehr – und damit ISAF – aus der nordafghanischen Stadt Kundus abgezogen ist, hört man hierzulande nicht mehr so richtig viel aus dieser Region. Deshalb ist es um so interessanter, was das Afghanistan Analysts Network aus Kundus berichtet:

In the beginning, it looked like good news: had Kunduz police chief, Khalil Andarabi, been sacked because he had led Afghan Local Police (ALP) and militia units on a looting rampage against civilians? If this were the case, it would have meant that the bad track record of the Local Police and illegal militias was finally being acknowledged and acted upon. A second look, however, finds that the situation is much more complicated. AAN’s guest author and researcher Lola Cecchinel tells a tale illustrating the intricate power plays in Kunduz and Baghlan before the elections.

Die ganze Analyse hier: The End of a Police Chief: Factional rivalries and pre-election power struggles in Kunduz

(Archivbild: Einfahrt nach Kundus 2004)