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ArcticWatch: Russia flexing its muscles

Not even a week ago, I chaired a panel discussion in Berlin on the Strategic Challenges of the Arctic Sea. All panelists – a Danish military, a Canadian researcher, a British researcher and the Head of Strategic Planning for NATO – were pretty adamant about their impression that all nations with interests and stakes in the Arctic were willing to resolve disputes in the region peacefully. (Regretfully, no Russian representative had been found to take part in this panel.) A


The High North: Strategic Challenges in the Arctic

The Strategic Challenges in the Arctic Sea were the topic of a panel discussion at the Conference on Security Policy and Defense Industry, organized by the German daily Handelsblatt, in Berlin on December 4. I had the privilege to host the discussion with Stefanie Babst, Head of Strategic Planning at NATO Headquarters; Colonel Steffen Qvist Wied, Defense Attaché at the Danish embassy in Berlin; Whitney Lackenbauer from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada; and Duncan Depledge from the Royal