The High North: Strategic Challenges in the Arctic

The Strategic Challenges in the Arctic Sea were the topic of a panel discussion at the Conference on Security Policy and Defense Industry, organized by the German daily Handelsblatt, in Berlin on December 4. I had the privilege to host the discussion with Stefanie Babst, Head of Strategic Planning at NATO Headquarters; Colonel Steffen Qvist Wied, Defense Attaché at the Danish embassy in Berlin; Whitney Lackenbauer from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada; and Duncan Depledge from the Royal United Services Institute in London.

For the participants and for my files I recorded the panel session, and I think I should share it with those of my readers who are interested in the High North – so here it is (the unedited version):



(Photo: ‚Arctic from the ship’s bridge‘ by Flickr user ashatsea under CC-BY-SA License)