Fürs Archiv: Die britische Sicht auf den Cyber-Krieg

Fürs Archiv, zum Nachlesen und – hören: Der Chief of Defence Intelligence (was wäre denn die adäquate deutsche Position?) im britischen Verteidigungsministerium, Air Marshal Phil Osborn, hat sich am (gestrigen) Freitag im Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London zum Thema Cyberwar geäußert, auch wenn das ja so nicht heißt, sondern Intelligence and Information Advantage in a Contested World.

Die Rede oben im verlinkten Video zum Anschauen und hier zum Nachlesen, eine Kernpassage aus meiner Sicht:

Depending on opposition capability and intent, and critically our resilience, a full-scale cyber confrontation could have nationally strategic crippling effects in minutes and hours.

Moreover, the preparation of the offensive and defensive aspects of this type of conflict will be time and resource consuming, perhaps measured over years and will be battlefield specific, albeit that this battlefield will transcend geographic boundaries.
Even coming in from the extremes, this difference in pace between the physical and virtual, particularly in an integrated context, will not just provide a significant challenge across the full range of Defence activities, but most importantly also in terms of understanding, and strategic command and control.
I talked to aggressive confrontation. We know that there is significant growth in information-based capabilities such as offensive cyber and sophisticated information operations. Unconstrained by geography, these capabilities, when used, are often difficult to attribute, at least quickly.