Afghanistan: Bei den Milizen in Kundus

Weil’s hier doch einige (wenn inzwischen auch eher wenige… ) interessiert, was in Kundus in Nordafghanistan läuft, der kurze Hinweis auf einen aktuellen Bericht der Nachrichtenagentur AFP:

With Afghan forces suffering record casualties as foreign troops pull back, Kabul is increasingly relying on former mujahideen strongmen with chequered pasts as a bulwark against the insurgents — a gambit observers say is akin to fighting fire with fire.

Powerful among them is Mohammed Omar — popularly known by his battlefield moniker Pakhsaparan for his touted ability to flatten walls — who controls hundreds of fighters in his fiefdom on the banks of the Khanabad River in Kunduz province.
„This is a people’s uprising,“ said Pakhsaparan, with a trimmed snow-white beard and a deep booming voice as he showcased his militia to AFP in Kunduz city, wielding assault rifles, lugging rucksacks with RPG warheads and draped in bandoliers of ammunition.

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