RC N Watch: Vermischtes aus dem Norden

Einfach mal um die Sammlung fortzusetzen, einige Meldungen aus Nordafghanistan aus den vergangenen Tagen – ehe der Eindruck entsteht, im Norden Afghanistans gebe es keine Probleme mehr. Oder der Eindruck, dass ISAF nicht mehr aktiv sei.

ISAF Joint Command operational update, Dec 2

An Afghan and coalition security force arrested a local Taliban leader in Pul-e Khumri district, Baghlan province, today. The leader built and distributed improvised explosive devices and was responsible for transporting IED components to insurgents throughout the district.

ISAF Joint Command operational update, Dec 3

Afghan and coalition forces confirmed today that a local Taliban leader was arrested during a security operation in Sar-e Pul district, Sar-e Pul province, Saturday. The detained Taliban leader was responsible for planning and conducting improvised explosive device attacks throughout Sar-e Pul province, and provided direct assistance to senior Taliban leaders in the province.

ISAF Joint Command operational update, Dec 5

Yesterday, an Afghan and coalition security force conducted an operation in Mazar-e Sharif district, Balkh province that resulted in the death of Nasrullah, a district-level Taliban leader in Chahar Bolak district, Balkh province. Nasrullah, also known as Hijran, directed and coordinated insurgent attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in Chahar Bolak. During the operation, the combined security force killed one other insurgent and seized a large quantity of improvised explosive device material.
An Afghan and coalition security force detained an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan facilitator during an operation in Kunduz district, Kunduz province, yesterday. The facilitator oversaw the transfer of improvised explosive device materials to insurgents, and directed the emplacement of IEDs against Afghan and coalition forces. The security force also detained one suspected insurgent as a result of the operation.

ISAF Joint Command operational update, Dec 6

In Dahanah-ye Ghori district, Baghlan province, today, an Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Taliban leader who was responsible for acquiring and distributing weapons and explosives to insurgents in the area. During the operation, the combined force also detained several suspected insurgents and seized a number of improvised explosive device components.

Death of Kunduz businessman raises alarm over kidnapping

A businessman who went missing for more than a month was found dead in northern Kunduz province on Thursday, triggering fear among local business community of their safety due to rising kidnappings.
Kunduz police chief spokesman Syed Sarwar Hussani said police have taken special measures for the security of businessmen and they would continue to protect the traders in the future.
Hussani said they arrested a four-member gang that was involved in the kidnapping of a businessman and a lady doctor’s son. Police managed to free both the victims from the clutches of the abductors.