Ukraine/Russland/NATO – der Sammler am 6. Februar 2023

Zum andauernden russischen Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine der Sammler am 6. Februar 2023:

• Seit einigen Tagen verdichten sich die Hinweise, dass der ukrainische Verteidigungsminister Oleksii Resnikow von seinem Amt entbunden wird – im Zusammenhang mit Korruptionsvorwürfen gegen sein Ministerium, auch wenn ihm persönlich kein Fehlverhalten angelastet wird. Bestätigt hat sich die Ablösung bis zum (heutigen) Montag nicht, sein möglicher Nachfolger wird aber schon genannt: Kyrylo Budanow, derzeit als Zwei-Sterne-General der Chef des militärischen Nachrichtendienstes.

Reuters hat ein Porträt zusammengestellt:

Kyrylo Budanov, who is expected to become Ukraine’s next defence minister, is a young officer who enjoyed a meteoric rise to become military intelligence chief, decorated for his role in operations that mostly remain secret. (…)
Kyrylo Oleksiyovych Budanov was born in Kyiv on Jan. 4, 1986. Despite having just turned 37, he already holds the rank of a two-star major general, held typically in Western militaries by officers in their fifties.

• Das britische Intel Update:

On 01 February 2023, Russian Federation Council chair Valentina Matvienko said that regional elections will take place in the newly annexed areas of Ukraine on 10 September 2023.
Incorporating the elections into same day of voting which is scheduled across Russia highlights the leadership’s ambition to present the areas as integral parts of the Federation.
This follows continued efforts to ‘Russify’ the occupied areas, which include revision of the education, communication, and transport systems.
While meaningful democratic choices are no longer available to voters at even regional level elections in Russia, leaders will likely make the self-vindicating argument that new elections further justify the occupation.

• Das Morgenbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

Situation update of General Staff of UAF regarding russian invasion as of 6.00 a.m., February 6, 2023
Day 348 of the full-scale russian military aggression has begun.
The occupiers are concentrating their main efforts on conducting offensive operations on the Kup’yans’k, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, and Novopavlivka axes.
During the hostilities in the area of the city of Bakhmut, there was a complete lack of coordination and interaction among servicemen of the russian occupation forces and mercenaries of the so-called „wagner“ PMC.
Over the past day, our units repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the areas of Verkhnokam’yanske, Vasyukivka, Paraskoviivka, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Kam’yanka, Severne, Pervomaiske, Vesele, Nevel’ske, Krasnohorivka, Mar’yinka, Pobyeda and Novomykhailivka settlements of the Donetsk Oblast.
At the same time, the enemy launched 4x missile strikes on the civilian infrastructure of Kharkiv and Druzhkivka in Donetsk Oblast and carried out 56x attacks from MLRS, in particular, on civilian infrastructure in Kherson. There are dead and wounded.
The threat of further russian air and missile strikes on the entire territory of Ukraine remains high.
Volyn‘, Polissya, Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna axes: no offensive enemy groups were detected. The vicinities of Senkivka, Chernihiv Oblast, were shelled; Novovasylivka, Seredyna-Buda, Sopych, Boyaro-Lezhachi, Volfyne and Oleksandrivka in Sumy Oblast and Strelecha, Neskuchne, Ternova, Staritsa, Ohirtseve, Budarky and Rublene in Kharkiv Oblast.
Kup’yans’k axis: the enemy fired at the areas of the settlements of Pishchane, Ivanivka, Kucherivka, Kyslivka and Kotlyarivka in the Kharkiv Oblast, as well as Novoselivs’ke and Stel’makhivka in the Luhansk Oblast.
Lyman axis: Terny of the Donetsk Oblast and Makiivka, Ploshchanka, Nevske, Chervonpopivka, Kreminna, Kuzmyne, Dibrova – Luhansk Oblast came under enemy fire.
Bakhmut axis: more than 25 districts of settlements were affected by fire, among them Spirne, Bilogorivka, Mykolaivka, Rozdolivka, Krasna Gora, Bakhmut, Ivanivske, Stupochky, Tarasivka, Kurdyumivka, Ozaryanivka and New York of the Donetsk Oblast.
Avdiivka axis: Semenivka, Avdiivka, Severne, Vodyane, Pervomaiske, Vesele, Nevelske, Krasnohorivka, Georgiivka, Mar’yinka, Pobyeda and Novomykhailivka were under artillery fire.
Novopavlivka axis: Vugledar, Bogoyavlenka, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka, Zolota Nyva, Velyka Novosilka, and Neskuchne in Donetsk Oblast were hit by tank, mortar, and artillery fire.
Zaporizhzhia axis: more than 30 settlements were affected by the fire. Among them are Novopil, Ol’hivs’ke, Poltavka, Malynivka, Chervone, Gulyaipole, Charivne, Mala Tokmachka, Novoandriivka, Stepove and Kam’ians’ke of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast.
Kherson axis: in particular, Kherson, as well as Zolota Balka, Havrylivka, Kachkarivka, Mylove, Beryslav, Vesele, Ivanivka, Mykils’ke, Chornobayivka, Antonivka, Dniprovske, and Honcharne of the Kherson Oblast were shelled. In total, almost 20 settlements.
The enemy continues to suffer losses. Thus, in the village of Vasylivka, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the occupiers converted a local children’s hospital into a military hospital for wounded servicemen of the armed forces of the russian federation. Admission of children to the hospital has been stopped.
During the past day, the Ukrainian Air Force of the Defense Forces carried out 9x strikes on enemy concentration areas and a strike on the positions of its anti-aircraft missile systems. Units of missile and artillery troops of the Defense Forces of Ukraine hit the command post, 8x areas of concentration of the enemy’s manpower and the ammunition depot.

• Das Briefing des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums:

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation (6 February 2023)
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation.
In Kupyansk direction, the artillery of the ‚Zapad‘ Group of Forces has neutralised the manpower and hardware of the units from 103rd Territorial Defence Brigade and 14th Mechanised Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) near Gryanikovka, Sinkovka, Timkovka, Krakhmalnoye (Kharkov region), and Novosyolovskoye (Lugansk People’s Republic).
Up to 40 Ukrainian personnel, and two motor vehicles have been eliminated.
In Krasny Liman direction, the artillery strikes and the offensive operations, conducted by the ‚Tsentr‘ Group of Forces, have resulted in the neutralisation of the units from 92nd Mechanised, 25th Airborne, and 95th Airborne Assault brigades of the AFU near Stelmakhovka (Lugansk People’s Republic), Novosadovoye, Yampolovka (Donetsk People’s Republic), and Serebryanskoye forestry.
Over 100 Ukrainian personnel, one infantry fighting vehicle, two armoured fighting vehicles, one fighting vehicle equipped with Grad multiple-launch rocket system (MLRS), one Nona S self-propelled gun, and two D-20 howitzers have been eliminated.
In Donetsk direction, the successful offensive operations, conducted by volunteers from assault detachments, supported by Missile Troops and Artillery of the ‚Yug‘ Group of Forces, have resulted in the liberation of Nikolayevka (Donetsk People’s Republic).
Up to 90 Ukrainian personnel, two infantry fighting vehicles, two armoured fighting vehicles, and one D-30 howitzer have been eliminated.
Moreover, one AFU ordnance depot, and one depot of fuel for military hardware have been destroyed near Konstantinopol (Donetsk People’s Republic).
In South Donetsk and Zaporozhye directions, the artillery strikes and the active operations, conducted by the units from the ‚Vostok‘ Group of Forces, have resulted in the neutralisation of the manpower and hardware from 1st Tank and 72nd Mechanised brigades of the AFU, as well as 110th Territorial Defence Brigade near Ugledar (Donetsk People’s Republic), and Novodarovka (Zaporozhye region).
The AFU have lost over 70 Ukrainian personnel, one tank, one infantry fighting vehicle, as well as two howitzers (D-20 and D-30).
In Kherson direction, counterbattery warfare operations have resulted in the destruction of one Grad MLRS, one Akatsiya self-propelled howitzer, one Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer, as well as one D-30 howitzer.
One AFU ordnance depot has been neutralised near Ochakov (Nikolayev region).
Missile Troops and Artillery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have neutralised 98 AFU artillery units at their firing positions, manpower and hardware in 135 areas.
One multichannel guidance station for S-300 air defence missile system has been destroyed near Veliky Burluk (Kharkov region).
One U.S.-manufactured AN/TPQ-36 counterbattery warfare radar has been destroyed near Dvurechnaya (Kharkov region).
Air defence facilities have destroyed four Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Kremennaya (Lugansk People’s Republic), Nikolskoye, Volnovakha (Donetsk People’s Republic), and Velikaya Lepetikha (Kherson region).
Moreover, 15 rocket-propelled projectiles, launched by HIMARS MLRS, have been shot down near Kremennaya (Lugansk People’s Republic), Kirillovka, Blagoveshchenka, and Olginka (Donetsk People’s Republic).
In total, 382 airplanes, 206 helicopters, 3,027 unmanned aerial vehicles, 403 air defence missile systems, 7,759 tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles, 1,009 fighting vehicles equipped with MLRS, 4,012 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 8,276 units of special military motor vehicles have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation.

• Das Abendbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

Situation update of General Staff of UAF regarding russian as of 6 p.m., February 6, 2023
Day 348 of the russian full-scale invasion continues.
During the day of February 6, the adversary launched 5x missile and 12x air strikes. The occupants launched 36x MLRS attacks, including, at civilian targets in Hola Prystan’ and Kherson. Enemy shells damaged residential buildings, causing civilian casualties.
The threat of further russian air and missile strikes across Ukraine remains high.
Volyn, Polissya, Sivershchyna, and Slobozhanshchyna axes: no changes, no offensive groups of the adversary were found.
The vicinities of settlements of Popivka, Oleksandrivka (Sumy oblast), Strilecha, Hlyboke, Krasne, Hatyshche, Vovchans’k, and Dvorichna (Kharkiv oblast) were shelled.
Kup’yans’k axis: the enemy shelled the vicinities of settlements of Ivanivka, Kucherivka, Kyslivka, Kotlyarivka (Kharkiv oblast), Novoselivs’ke, and Stel’makhivka (Luhansk oblast).
Lyman axis: the adversary fired at the vicinities of Terny (Donetsk oblast), Ploshchanka, Chervonopopivka, Kreminna, and Dibrova (Luhansk oblast).
Bakhmut axis: Spirne, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Krasna Hora, Bakhmut, Klishchiivka, Kurdyumivka, and Ozaryanivka were shelled with under tanks, mortars, and artillery.
Avdiivka axis: Avdiivka, Pervomais’ke, Nevel’s’ke, Krasnohorivka, Heorhiivka, Mar’inka, Pobjeda, and Novomykhailivka came under fire.
Novopavlivka axis: Vuhledar, Novoukrainka, Prechystivka, Zolota Nyva, and Neskuchne (Donetsk oblast) were shelled.
Zaporizhzhia axis: more than 15x settlements were shelled with mortars, artillery and missile systems. Among them are Novopil’, Ol’hivs’ke, Hulyaipole, Charivne, Mala Tokmachka, Stepove (Zaporizhzhia oblast), and Velykomykhailivka (Dnipropetrovsk oblast).
Kherson axis: the vicinities of 12x settlements came under mortar and artillery fire. The affected settlements included Hola Prystan’, Zolota Balka, Kachkarivka, Mylove, Antonivka (Kherson oblast), and the city of Kherson.
The adversary continues to impose its passports on the residents of the temporarily occupied territories. For example, in the city of Kreminna (Luhansk oblast), employees of the so-called “LPR state-owned enterprises” who are not registered to receive a russian passport are being paid 30% lower wages.
In the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson oblast, the occupiers are intensifying filtration measures. russian fsb officers arrived in Novotroits’ke to identify the local residents having pro-Ukrainian sentiments.
In order to replenish their manpower losses, the occupiers are also conducting propaganda and agitation work among young people on top of the mobilization. For example, cadet classes with enhanced military training are being created in schools of Skadovs’kyi district (Kherson oblast). The russian invaders promise that the alleged benefit for the graduates of these classes will be entering contract military service at sergeant positions.
During the day of February 6, the Ukrainian Air Force launched 9x air strikes on the concentrations of the occupiers and 2x air strikes on the positions of anti-aircraft missile systems. In turn, Ukrainian missile and artillery troops hit 2x concentrations of enemy manpower.