Ukraine/Russland/NATO – der Sammler am 15. August 2022

Nachgetragen fürs Archiv: Zum andauernden russischen Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine der Sammler am 15. August 2022:

• Das britische Intel Update:

On 11 August 2022, Russian media reported that Denis Pushilin, head of the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), had said that the date of a referendum on the DPR joining Russia will be announced after the DPR’s ‘complete liberation’.
Previously, in June 2022, investigative journalists published evidence of a DPR planning strategy for running such a referendum and for ensuring that at least 70 per cent of votes were in favour of joining Russia.
It is likely that Russia is in the advanced planning stages to hold a referendum, though it is unclear if the final decision to go ahead with a vote has yet been taken.
The Kremlin will likely see the military’s failure to occupy the entirety of Donetsk Oblast thus far as a setback for its maximalist objectives in Ukraine.

• Das Morgenbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 18.00, on August 15, 2022
The one hundred seventy third (173) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
In Volyn and Polissya directions, units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus are carrying out the task of strengthening the protection of the section of the belarusian-Ukrainian border in the Brest and Gomel regions.
Measures to check the combat readiness of the armed forces of belarus are ongoing. Roughly, this will continue until August 20 of this year. The threat of the enemy launching missile and air strikes from the territory and airspace of the Republic of belarus remains.
In the Siversky direction, in order to demonstrate their presence and restrain the units of the Defense Forces, the enemy shelled the areas of Basivka, Mohrytsia, Holyshivske and Budky settlements of the Sumy oblast with barrel artillery.
In the Kharkiv direction, the enemy, in order to prevent the Defense Forces from creating favorable conditions for the transition to the offensive, continues to destroy military and civilian objects using all available means of fire damage. This is done by the fire of tanks, barrel and jet artillery in the areas of the settlements of Slobozhanske, Pyatykhatky, Rtyshchivka, Odnorobivka, Sosnivka, Slatyne, Svitlychne, Shevelivka, Nove, Dementiivka, Pytomnyk, Ruska Lozova, Ruski Tyshky, Korobochkyne and Protopopivka.
The occupiers used aviation for strikes near Verkhniy Saltiv, Sosnivka, and Rtyshchivka.
The enemy tried to break through the defense of our troops in the direction of Kozacha Lopan – Udy. Ukrainian soldiers fiercely met the invaders and pushed them back.
In the Slovyansk direction, the enemy unsuccessfully tried to dislodge our defenders with concentrated artillery fire in the areas of Hrushuvakha, Krasnopilla, Asiivka, and Mazanivka. Then, with assault actions, it tried to improve the tactical position in the direction of Dovhenke – Mazanivka, did not succeed and withdrew.
In the Kramatorsk direction, enemy shelling was recorded near Spirne, Ivano-Daryivka and Raihorodka. Enemy aircraft operated near Spirne and Pryshyb.
The occupiers tried to advance in the directions of Ivano-Daryivka, Vyimka, and Vesele with offensive and assault actions. They suffered a complete failure and chaotically retreated to the previously occupied positions.
In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy tried to create favorable conditions for a further attack on individual settlements by using available means of fire damage in the areas of the settlements of Kostyantynivka, Bakhmut, Vesela Dolyna, Vasyukivka, Bakhmutske, Soledar, Shumy, Pivnichne, Bilohorivka, Yakovlivka, Fedorivka, Zaitseve and Vershyna areas
Airstrikes near Soledar and Yakovlivka. Made an attempt to storm from the area of ​​Vuhlehirska TPP in the direction of Vershyna settlement. Suffered losses and withdrew.
In the Avdiyivka direction, shelling of Krasnohorivka, Pisky, Opytne, Vodyane and Maryinka districts was recorded. The occupiers also carried out airstrikes near New York, Vodyane and Novobakhmutivka.
The enemy unsuccessfully tried to improve the tactical position in the direction of Staromykhailivka and Nevelske.
In the Novopavlivsk and Zaporizhzhia directions, the enemy shelled areas of populated areas along the contact line with tanks, barrel artillery, and MLRS. Used aviation for strikes near Novomykhailivka, Yelyzavetivka, Shcherbaky and Charivne.
The occupiers tried to advance in the direction of Slavne – Novomykhailivka, Solodke – Vodyane, Solodke – Volodymyrivka, Yehorivka – Pavlivka. They received a tough rebuff, suffered losses and rolled back.
In the South Buh direction, the enemy fired from tanks and artillery of various types along the contact line and in the depth of the defense in order to prevent the regrouping of Ukrainian units and create favorable conditions for them to conduct a counteroffensive.
The enemy carried out airstrikes near Andriivka, Myrne, Blahodatne and Lozove.
In the Black Sea and Azov maritime operational zones, the enemy’s naval group focuses its main efforts on conducting reconnaissance, blocking civilian shipping in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, and attacking military facilities and infrastructure elements in the depth of the territory of Ukraine.
Three Kalibr-type sea-based cruise missile carriers are ready to use high-precision weapons.

• Das Briefing des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums:

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation in Ukraine.
Russian Aerospace Forces precision weapons have hit a temporary deployment point of foreign mercenary near Zolochev, Kharkov Region. Over 100 militants from Poland as well as Germany have been killed and over 50 wounded.
High-precision air-based missiles have disabled 2 traction power substations near Apostolovo and Sinelnikovo railway stations, Dnepropetrovsk Region.
As a result of strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces on combat positions of 63rd Mechanized Brigade of AFU near Belogorka and Lozovoye in Kherson Region, 105th and 107th battalions of this brigade suffered losses of over 160 nationalists.
Artillery strike of the Russian Troops near Mar’inka in Donetsk People’s Republic has eliminated over 70 per cent of 3rd battalion’s personnel from 66th Mechanized Brigade of AFU.
High-precision weapons strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces against combat positions of 53rd Mechanized and 68th Infantry-Engineering Brigades of AFU have destroyed more than 260 nationalists near Ugledar, Vodyanoye and Dobrovol’e in Donetsk People’s Republic.
In Soledar direction, more than 50 per cent of the personnel and military equipment of 15th Battalion of 58th AFU Motorized Infantry Brigade have been eliminated as a result of offensive actions and fire on combat positions.
Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery strikes continue against military facilities in Ukraine.
Command posts of 112th Territorial Defence Brigade near Artemovsk, 60th Infantry Brigade near Osokorovka in Kherson Region, as well as personnel, weapons and military equipment, including those of nationalist battalions, in Merefa in Kharkov Region, Konstantinovka in Donetsk People’s Republic, Nikolaev and Velikomikhailovka in Dnepropetrovsk Region have been hit.
Missile and artillery weapons depot near Zaichevskoye, Nikolaev Region, 3 ammunition depots near Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka, in Donetsk People’s Republic, and 2 fuel depots for military equipment near Chuguev and Kovyagi in Kharkov Region.
As part of counter-battery warfare, 1 platoon of Ukrainian MSTA-B artillery mounts has been hit near Maiorsk, Donetsk People’s Republic.
In addition, 3 platoons of Grad multiple-launch rocket systems near Zvanovka, Soledar and Zaitsevo and 4 platoons of Giatsint-B artillery mounts and 3 platoons of D-30 howitzers at firing positions near Seversk, Artemovsk, Panteleimonovka, Georgieivka, Novoselka, Krestische in Donetsk People’s Republic and Novoaleksandrovka in Kherson Region have been suppressed.
Russian air defence means have shot down 3 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Mar’inka, Donetsk People’s Republic, Chervonoye, Kherson Region, and Udy, Kharkov Region.
In addition, 2 shells for multiple rocket launchers have been intercepted near Novotroitskoye in Donetsk People’s Republic.
In total, 267 Ukrainian airplanes and 148 helicopters, 1,741 unmanned aerial vehicles, 365 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,311 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 799 multiple launch rocket systems, 3,304 field artillery and mortars, as well as 4,891 units of special military vehicles were destroyed during the operation.