Ukraine/Russland/NATO – der Sammler am 3. Juni 2022, dem 100. Kriegstag

Der russische Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine dauert jetzt 100 Tage an. Die größte Fehleinschätzung, sowohl Russlands, aber auch des Westens: Wie viel länger als erwartet die ukrainischen Streitkräfte dem als überlegen angesehenen Gegner Widerstand leisten können, und wie wenig Russland erreicht hat, gemessen an den verkündeten Kriegszielen. Der Sammler am 3. Juni 2022:

• Diese Entwicklung fasst auch das britische Intel Update zusammen:

Today marks the 100th day since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Russian forces failed to achieve their initial objectives to seize Kyiv and Ukrainian centres of government. Staunch Ukrainian resistance and the failure to secure Hostomel airfield in the first 24 hours led to Russian offensive operations being repulsed.
Following the failure of the initial plan, through false planning assumptions and poor tactical execution, Russia adapted its operational design to focus on the Donbas.
Russia is now achieving tactical success in the Donbas. Russian forces have generated and maintained momentum and currently appear to hold the initiative over Ukrainian opposition.
Russia controls over 90% of Luhansk Oblast and is likely to complete control in the next two weeks. Russia has achieved these recent tactical successes at significant resource cost, and by concentrating force and fires on a single part of the overall campaign.
Russia has not been able to generate manoeuvre or movement on other fronts or axes, all of which have transitioned to the defensive.
Measured against Russia’s original plan, none of the strategic objectives have been achieved. In order for Russia to achieve any form of success will require continued huge investment of manpower and equipment, and is likely to take considerable further time.

• Übersichten über die wesentlichen Entwicklungen dieses Krieges gibt es am (heutigen) Freitag viele; exemplarisch die Zusammenfassung des britischen Guardian:

Devastation and defiance in Ukraine: 100 days of a war that is reshaping Europe

• Zu diesem Krieg gehören wesentlich auch die Waffenlieferungen des Westens an die Ukraine, die den Widerstand gegen die russischen Streitkräfte ermöglichen – und, in Deutschland, die sehr kontroverse Debatte darüber. Zum Stand der Lieferung schwerer Waffen aus Deutschland eine Übersicht des ARD-Kollegen Kai Küstner:

Ukraine-Krieg: Diese Waffen will Deutschland liefern

• Das Morgenbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 06.00 on June 3, 2022.
The hundredth (100) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
In the Volyn and Polissya directions, the main efforts of the armed forces of the republic of belarus are focused on strengthening the protection of the state border. At the same time, there is a rotation of special forces in the border areas with Ukraine. During the inspection of the combat readiness of the armed forces of the republic of belarus, a meeting of communication specialists and engineering and technical staff was held. The threat of missile strikes from the territory of the republic of belarus remains.
russian enemy did not take active action in the Siversky direction. It fired a missile at civilian infrastructure in the Hudovo district of Sumy oblast. Also in the Sumy region, the enemy fired on the areas of Bachivsk, Khodyne and Slavgorod.
In the Slobozhansky direction, russian enemy continues to prepare for the offensive. It replenishes stocks of material resources, weapons and equipment from the territory of the russian federation. In order to reduce the offensive potential of our troops, it fires from artillery and multiple rocket launchers.
russian enemy did not take any active action in the Kharkiv direction. The main efforts are focused on deterring the actions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. russian enemy fired on civilian infrastructure in the areas of Bashkirovka, Mospino, Ruska Lozova, Pechenigy and Mykhailivka. It inflicted air strikes near Nove.
In the Slovyansk direction, russian enemy is concentrating in particular on the engineering equipment of the positions. The shelling of civilian infrastructure was recorded in the districts of Dibrivny, Kurulka, Vernopillya, Chervona Polyana and others. Near Dovhenke, russian enemy launched air strikes with army aircraft. It carried out assault operations in the areas of the settlements of Bohorodychne and Dolyna, was unsuccessful, and withdrew after losses inflicted by units of the Defense Forces.
In the Donetsk direction, russian occupiers continue artillery fire along the entire line of contact.
In the Lyman direction, russian enemy fired on civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Yarova, Shchurove, Staryi Karavan and Raihorodok. It carried out assaults near Studenka, the fighting continues.
In the Siverodonetsk direction, russian invaders continue to shell the positions of the Defense Forces and civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Siverodonetsk, Borivske, Ustynivka and Lysychansk. russian enemy assault aircraft launched air strikes near the Myrna Dolyna. In addition, in the area of ​​Mietolkino and Bilohorivka, the enemy tried to carry out assault operations, suffered losses, retreated to previous positions.
Fighting continues in the central part of Siverodonetsk.
In the Bakhmut direction, russian enemy fires in the areas of Pokrovske, New York, Zolote, Komyshuvakha, Mykolayivka, Berestove, Bilohorivka and Vrubivka. Near the latter, the occupiers conducted unsuccessful assault operations.
With the assault forces and army aircraft, russian enemy launched air strikes on infrastructure near the Vidrodzhennia, Rotiv, Novoluhansk and Dolomtne.
russian enemy did not conduct active hostilities in the Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv and Zaporizhzhia areas. It fired on civilian infrastructure in the areas of Kamyanka, Vesele, Mariinka, Novomykhailivka, Avdiivka, Pisky, and Zolota Nyva. It tried to engage in clashes and assault operations near Krasnohorivka and Poltavka with the help of separate units and sabotage and reconnaissance groups. It was unsuccessful, retreated to previous positions.
During the day, russian enemy used mortars, artillery and rocket-propelled grenade launchers on civilian infrastructure in the areas of the settlements of Kavkaz, Lepetykha, Dmytrivka, Osokorivka, Blahodiyne, and Stepova Dolyna. In some areas of the Kryvyi Rih direction, russian enemy intensified air reconnaissance and attempted assault operations. It was repulsed and retreated to his former position.
In order to maintain the boundaries of the defense, russian occupiers are strengthening their advanced positions by moving reserves to probable areas of deployment of units of the Defense Forces.
Some units of the 150th Motorized Rifle Division of the 8th Combined Arms Army in the Popasna direction suffered significant losses, at least 50% of the personnel, weapons and equipment.
The personnel of russain enemy is demoralized, which is due to the constant postponement of their rotation. This leads to the refusal of personnel to participate in hostilities.
Over the past day, five enemy attacks were repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk directions, five tanks, three artillery systems, and two armored combat vehicles were destroyed. Air defense units shot down three Orlan-10 UAVs. In other areas, russian occupiers also suffered significant losses.

• Das Briefing des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums. Auffällig darin: wie schon am Vortag ändert sich der Charakter dieses Briefings, es werden eben nicht nur Fakten – bzw. was Russland als solche ansieht – zur militärischen Lage vorgetragen; zunehmend werden Propagandaelemente hinzugefügt, wie hier am Schluss. Bislang hatte das russische Verteidigungsministerium die trockene militärische Nachrichtenlage von den Agitprop-Elementen weitgehend getrennt, das scheint nicht mehr zu gelten:

High-precision air-based missiles of the Russian Aerospace Forces have hit 21 areas of concentration of AFU manpower and military equipment during the day.
Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aviation have hit 37 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration.
The attacks have resulted in the elimination of more than 360 nationalists and 49 weapons and military equipment including 1 detection and airspace control radar station in Slavyansk, Donetsk People’s Republic.
Also 13 Ukrainian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, 1 Osa-AKM anti-aircraft missile system have been destroyed near Bakhmut, as well as 2 mortar batteries, 2 Grad multiple rocket launchers, 8 artillery mounts, 26 special vehicles, and 4 missile and artillery weapon depots near Soledar, Dzerzhinsk, Yakovlevka and Bakhmut.
Russian air defence means have shot down 3 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles near Ryasnaya, Krutaya Balka, Donetsk People’s Republic and Dmitrovka, Kharkov Region overnight. 3 Uragan multiple-launch rockets have been also intercepted over Petropolie, Kamenka, Kharkov Region, and Novoselovka Vtoraya, Donetsk People’s Republic.
Missile troops and artillery have hit 26 command posts, 122 AFU artillery and mortar batteries at firing positions, 537 areas of AFU manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 5 ammunition depots. 1 AFU unmanned aerial vehicle control post near Pervomaiskoe in Nikolaev Region has been destroyed.
In total, 186 Ukrainian aircraft and 129 helicopters, 1,087 unmanned aerial vehicles, 328 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,386 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 462 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,760 field artillery and mortars, as well as 3,376 units of special military vehicles were destroyed during the operation.
Against the backdrop of Kiev’s political catastrophe in Mariupol and military failures in Donbass, the Kiev regime, with British financial support, has organised the production of „morale raise“ videos for Western and Ukrainian audiences.
In particular, on May 28, staged video was filmed near Meshkovka, Nikolaev Region, of the alleged „high efficiency“ of the use of Western weaponry by Ukrainian nationalists.
To add more drama to the future film, at the insistence of British supervisors, a re-enactment of never-existing battle between Ukrainian Nazis and outnumbered „Russian soldiers“ was created on the set.
The roles of „opponents“ of the Ukrainian Nazis in the staged short film were performed by members of the local territorial defence unit wearing red armbands.
In the absence of trophy Russian equipment, the mock enemy appears in the frame using Ukrainian APCs and armoured vehicles.
The next video shoot is scheduled for June 5 and 6. The videos will focus on staged testimonies of „ordinary Ukrainians“ accusing Russia of allegedly deliberately shelling civilian populated areas.

• Das Abendbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs:

The operational update regarding the #russian_invasion on 18.00 on June 3, 2022.
The hundredth (100) day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
No signs of formation of offensive groups were found in the Volyn and Polissya directions. On June 1, combat training of units of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus began at the Vyzhlovichi test site in the Brest region. The threat of missile strikes from the territory of the republic of belarus remains.
In the Sicerskyy direction, the enemy did not take active action, no signs of the formation of strike groups were found. In order to clarify the location of the positions of our troops, the enemy conducted reconnaissance with the use of UAVs in some areas of Sumy and Chernihiv oblasts. It fired a missile at the settlement of Krasnopillya in the Sumy oblast and fired mortar fire at the settlement of Mykhalchyna Sloboda in the Chernihiv oblast.
In the Slobozhansky direction, the enemy is concentrating its main efforts on restraining the advance of our troops in the direction of the State Border. He continued to fire on units of the Defense Forces using aircraft, artillery, multiple rocket launchers, mortars and tanks. Exploration is underway to find weaknesses in the defense of our troops and determine further areas of action. Logistical support and strengthening of enemy troops are not stopped.
In the Kharkiv direction, the russian occupiers continue to defend themselves, destroying civilian objects in the city of Kharkiv. They launched an air strike by Mi-8 helicopters at the positions of our troops in the areas of the settlements of Slatyne and Dementiyivka.
In the Slovyansk direction, the enemy was preparing to resume the offensive, concentrating a group of up to twenty battalion tactical groups. In order to improve the tactical situation, it tried to launch an offensive in the directions of the settlements of Barvinkove and Sviatohirsk, but was unsuccessful.
In the Donetsk direction, the enemy concentrated its main efforts in the area of ​​the city of Siverodonetsk. Under cover of artillery fire, he stormed residential areas in the eastern part of the city. Has partial success, active hostilities continue.
The enemy led the offensive in the directions of the settlements of Bakhmut, Soledar and Lysychansk. Has no success, retreated to previously held positions. He tried to take control of the left bank of the Siversky Donets River and create conditions for its forcing by the main forces of the group.
In the Lyman direction, the occupiers used jet and barrel artillery in the areas of Shchurove and Brusivka.
The enemy did not wage active hostilities in the Avdiivka, Kurakhiv, Novopavliv, and Zaporizhzhia areas. Mortar, barrel and jet artillery shelling was recorded in the areas of Pisky, Mykolaivka, Poltavka and Pokrovske settlements.
In the South Buh direction, the enemy is defending, in some areas trying to regain lost ground. It carried out artillery fire and intensified air reconnaissance.
The situation in the Bessarabian direction has not changed significantly. No signs of formation of enemy offensive groups were found.
The main efforts of enemy naval groups in the Black Sea and Azov Maritime Zones focused on isolating combat areas and blocking civilian shipping in the northwestern Black Sea.
Forced mobilization of civilians continues in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk oblast. Threatening criminal responsibility, the command of the occupying forces is trying to make up for the losses of units they suffered in the fighting against the defenders of Ukraine.
According to available information, the command of the armed forces of the russian federation is taking measures to intensify reconnaissance and sabotage activities in Ukraine. To this end, the recruitment and training of mercenaries for the formation of sabotage and reconnaissance groups with their subsequent activities in Ukraine. Preference in the implementation of this selection is given to residents and former residents of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts who are fluent in the Ukrainian language.