Ukraine/Russland/NATO – der Sammler am 20. März 2022

Der russische Angriffskrieg in der Ukraine geht in den 25. Tag. Derzeit scheint wenig Bewegung in den Frontverläufen, wie schon seit Tagen vor allem russische Angriffe mit (Raketen)Artillerie und Kampfflugzeugen. Russland verkündet, die Lufthoheit zu haben – was bislang, wie vieles, unbestätigt ist. Der Sammler am 20. März 2022:

• Die Morgenübersicht des ukrainischen Generalstabs (auf Englisch auf der Regierungswebseite):

The twenty-fifth day of the Ukrainian nation’s heroic resistance with the Russian military invasion continues.
The condition, position, and character of the actions of the defense forces have not changed significantly. Ukraine’s defense forces continue resist effectively to the occupiers. Three russian combat helicopters were shot down by the Air Defense of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
During the day the enemy did not conduct active offensive operations, focusing on replenishing current losses, restoring partially destroyed equipment, transferring foreign mercenaries to border areas with Ukraine, solving chronic logistics problems of the occupying forces that operating in Ukraine.
The occupiers use terrorist methods to impose a brutal administrative and police regime, deliberately creating conditions for a humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories.
So, last night to the Kherson area from the city of Apostolovo of the Dnipropetrovsk region 14 trucks with foodstuff and medicines of the first necessity had been moved. The russian occupiers did not give access to humanitarian convoy for moving without reason.
In this way occupiers try to force the local population to collaborate. At the same time, the invaders are distributing leaflets with proposals to appeal to the occupation administration, citizens are promised to cancel credit debts, and local entrepreneurs are given preferences in doing business.
It became known that just one serviceman from the combined detachment of the 331st Guards Parachute Landing Kostroma Regiment, which took part in the fighting in the Kyiv direction, survived, and he is in hospital.
Against the background of similar circumstances, the command of the russian Black Sea Fleet is urgently taking measures to replace 130 defectors-contractors of the 810th Marine Brigade with 7 paratroopers. The FSS decides on their further service.
In addition, in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region, russian curators announced another wave of mobilization to replenish the 1st Army Corps. The maximum age of the demobilized has been raised to 65 years. The same is expected for the TOT of Luhansk region, given that trucks filled with killed in actions soldiers arrive daily from the area of the 2nd Army Corps to the settlements of Luhansk, Sorokine and Dovzhanske.
russian terrorist forces continue to violate openly International Conventions on the Rules of War. The facts of using the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to carry out subversive and discrediting actions by russian saboteurs are being recorded.
However, the Defense Forces of Ukraine are resolutely eradicating war criminals and mercenaries from Ukrainian soil!

• Das Morgenbriefing vom russischen Verteidigungsministerium weiter unten, vorher aber auf der Webseite ein Video und ein Text zum Einsatz des Kampfflugzeugs Su35 im Ukraine-Krieg – mit der Aussage, die russischen Streitkräfte hätten die Lufthoheit (was unter anderem von den USA immer wieder bestritten wird):

Das Verteidigungsministerium hat ein Video veröffentlicht, das den Einsatz von Su-35-Kampfflugzeugen während einer militärischen Sonderoperation zeigt. Zum ersten Mal wurden Aufnahmen von Su-35-Flugzeugen bei Nachtflügen gezeigt.
Bei den Flugeinsätzen haben die Kampfpiloten der russischen Luftwaffe Luftziele aufgespürt und abgefangen sowie Luftabwehrsysteme der ukrainischen Streitkräfte zerstört.
Die Arbeit der Kampfflugzeuge führte zur Erlangung der vollständigen Luftherrschaft.
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• Das knappe Intel Update der Briten:

Russian forces are continuing to encircle a number of cities across eastern Ukraine.
Over the past week Russian forces have made limited progress in capturing these cities; instead, Russia has increased its indiscriminate shelling of urban areas resulting in widespread destruction and large numbers of civilian casualties.
It is likely Russia will continue to use its heavy firepower to support assaults on urban areas as it looks to limit its own already considerable losses, at the cost of further civilian casualties.

• Das Morgenbriefing des russischen Verteidigungsministeriums (auf Englisch auf der Webseite). Erneut sollen Hyperschallwaffen eingesetzt worden sein; zudem Kalibr-Marschflugkörper, die vom Kaspischen Meer aus abgeschossen wurden (so etwas gab es vor Jahren schon einmal):

The grouping of troops of the Donetsk People’s Republic, developing an offensive, took full control of Stepnoye and is pursuing the retreating units of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Up to 25 personnel, 2 tanks, 2 infantry fighting vehicles and 5 all-terrain vehicles were destroyed.
In Novoselovka Vtoraya direction, the units of the Donetsk Republic have advanced to a depth of 3 kilometers, crossed the Kamenka – Verkhnetoretskoye road, and are fighting with the 1st airborne battalion of the 25th separate airborne brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
During the night, most of Verkhnetoretskoye settlement was taken under control, where battles are being fought with the 2nd battalion of the same brigade. In total, up to 40 personnel, 5 armored personnel carriers and 4 all-terrain vehicles were destroyed there. Offensive actions continue.
In the evening of March 19 and in the morning of March 20, high-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukraine’s military infrastructure.
From the waters of the Black Sea, Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles destroyed workshops for repairing Ukrainian armored vehicles damaged in combat at the Nezhinsky repair plant.
A large fuel storage base of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Konstantinovka in Nikolaev region was destroyed by Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles from the waters of the Caspian Sea, as well as by Kinzhal aviation missile systems with hypersonic aeroballistic missiles from the airspace over Crimea territory. This is the main base for supply Ukrainian armored vehicles with fuel in combat areas in the south of Ukraine.
High-precision air-launched missiles struck the training centre of the Ukrainian special operations forces near Ovruch settlement of Zhytomir region, where foreign mercenaries who arrived in Ukraine were based. More than 100 special operations forces servicemen and mercenaries were killed.
During the night, operational-tactical and army aviation hit 62 military assets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Among them: 3 command posts, 1 multiple launch rocket system, 2 missile and artillery weapons depots and 1 fuel depot, as well as 52 areas of military equipment concentration.
Russian air defence means shot down in the air: 1 Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force near Kohannoye, 6 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles, including 1 Bayraktar TB-2 near Shibennoye, as well as 1 Ukrainian Tochka-U tactical ballistic missile near Chistovodovka north of Izyum.
Russian artillery destroyed 6 Ukrainian Bukovel mobile electronic warfare systems.
In total, 207 unmanned aerial vehicles, 1,467 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 148 multiple launch rocket systems, 573 field artillery and mortar guns, as well as 1,262 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation.

• Das Mittagsbriefing des ukrainischen Generalstabs (gab es wohl in den vergangenen Tagen auch schon, aber jeweils nur auf der Webseite, nicht via Facebook). Darin wird unter anderem der erneute Einsatz der Kinschal-Hyperschallwaffen bestätigt:

The state, position and nature of the actions of the defence forces have not changed significantly in the last 24 hours. Defenders of Ukraine securely hold the occupied areas and borders.
Due to heroic national resistance, russia did not achieve its aggressive goals in Ukraine.
At the same time, there is a threat of long-range high-precision missile strikes by the enemy, including the „Kinzhal“ hypersonic missile system.
The next significant losses among the top management and command staff of units and military units of the russian federation were confirmed. During the fighting, the commander of the 346th separate special brigade from Prokhladny was wounded, the commanders of the 331st parachute landing Kostroma assault regiment were killed, „Forges of Commanders“ – 247th Airborne Assault Caucasian Cossack Regiment from Stavropol; 6th Guards Tank Red Banner Regiment from Chebarkul.
Signs of preparation of the Armed Forces of the republic of belarus for direct invasion of the territory of Ukraine have been recorded. The defence forces of our state are ready to fight back. The direct involvement of Belarusian troops in russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, against the will of ordinary soldiers and the vast majority of the belarusian people, will be a fatal mistake of Alexander Lukashenko.
In the Polissya direction, the enemy is trying to gain a foothold on the occupied frontiers, expects the group to strengthen due to the arrival of reserves, and is preparing to attack the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv.
The invaders resumed air reconnaissance and shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the use of army aircraft and artillery.
There were no active offensive operations in the Siversky direction. The enemy continues to regroup and concentrate forces and means to resume offensive operations. According to the positions of the occupiers, our defenders inflicted a fire defeat. Having suffered numerous losses, the enemy is forced to move to the defence, resorting to mining.
The occupiers did not carry out active offensive operations in the Slobozhansky direction. On the territory of the Belhorod region, near the State border of Ukraine, positions of high-power artillery were found. The enemy did not abandon its intentions to establish control over the city of Izyum, but lost the combat capability of its units and was stopped.
In the Donetsk direction, the enemy’s main efforts are focused on storming the settlements of Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, and Popasna. He tried to break through the defenses of our troops in the area of the settlement of Verkhnotoretske, suffered losses and was unsuccessful.
The blockade and shelling of the hero city of Mariupol continues.
There were no active offensives in the South Buh direction, the enemy moved to the defence in some areas.

• Die Abend-Übersichten zur Lage – zunächst vom russischen Verteidigungsministerium:

Einheiten der russischen Streitkräfte sind dabei, die Niederlage des nationalistischen Bataillons im Donbass zu vollenden. Im Laufe des Tages rückten sie 12 Kilometer vor, erreichten die Linie von Nikolskoje und blockierten in Zusammenarbeit mit Einheiten der Donezker Republik das Dorf Sladkoje von drei Seiten.
Bis zu 60 Kämpfer, zwei Panzer, drei BMPs, sechs Feldartilleriegeschütze und Mörser der Nationalisten wurden zerstört. Sie kämpfen derzeit gegen die Reste von Kämpfern und Einheiten der 54. separaten mechanisierten Brigade der ukrainischen Truppen um die Einnahme der Siedlungen Sladkoje, NOVOUKRAINKA und SHAKTERSKOYE.
Eine Gruppe von Truppen der Donezker Volksrepublik verfolgte weiterhin zurückweichende Einheiten der 53. mechanisierten Brigade der ukrainischen Streitkräfte, die auf die Siedlung NOVOMIKHAILOVKA vorrückten.
Bis zu 20 Soldaten, 1 Panzer, 1 BMP und 3 Geländewagen wurden zerstört. In Richtung NOVOSELOVKA SECOND – haben Einheiten der Donezker Republik die Verteidigung der 25. Luftlandebrigade der ukrainischen Streitkräfte durchbrochen und kämpfen nun um die Kontrolle über die Siedlungen Kamenka und NOVOSELOVKA SECOND.
Im Laufe des Tages wurden 89 militärische Einrichtungen in der Ukraine von taktischen und militärischen Flugzeugen angegriffen. Darunter vier Gefechtsstände, zwei Mehrfachraketenwerfer, neun Artilleriegeschütze, fünf Waffen- und Munitionslager für Raketen und Artillerie sowie 65 Munitionssammelstellen.
Russische Luftabwehrkräfte schossen sieben ukrainische unbemannte Flugzeuge ab.
Seit Beginn der militärischen Sonderoperation wurden insgesamt 214 unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge, 1.483 Panzer und andere gepanzerte Kampffahrzeuge, 150 Mehrfachraketenwerfer, 584 Feldartillerie- und Mörsergeschütze sowie 1.279 spezielle Militärfahrzeuge zerstört.
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• und vom ukrainischen Generalstab (hier nur die fortgeschriebenen Teile) – mir war bislang nicht bekannt, dass sich die russische Söldnerfirma Gruppe Wagner in League umbenannt haben soll:

The military commissariats of the Kuban, Primorsky Krai, Yaroslavl Oblast, and regions of the Ural Federal District are conducting covert mobilization measures to make up for the losses of russian occupation army personnel. However, the population of these regions does not want to take part in the war. There are mass cases of dismissal.
At the same time, russian propagandists began preparing the population of the russian Federation for a long war. Official communication channels spread propaganda about the alleged success of the so-called „special military operation“, public events are held in support of the war in Ukraine.
According to available information, during the visit of the head of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar to moscow, an agreement was reached to send Libyan „volunteers“ to Ukraine to take part in hostilities on the side of the russian federation. The transfer of military mercenaries is likely to be carried out at the expense of the private military company „League“ (formerly „Wagner“), aircraft of the russian Air Force.
Mobilization measures continue in the temporarily occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts. The management of educational institutions (technical schools, institutes) called students over the age of 18 for so-called registration. Today, the vast majority of personnel of the 1st AK are the mobilized population of the temporarily occupied territories. The moral and psychological condition of the personnel is extremely low, most of the mobilized have no experience and desire to take part in hostilities. The equipment of those called by the occupiers is outdated. In the units, which are based on those called to mobilize, panic spreads due to a large shortage of manpower, weapons and equipment.
The occupiers began replacing military units with Rosguard and police units in the city of Kherson.
During another attempt to attack Kyiv, the occupiers lost a combined detachment of the 6th Tank Regiment. Due to the active actions of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in some areas in the Brovary district, the enemy units remain cut off from the supply of fuel and food.