Lesetipp: Cordesmans „Losing by winning“

Der US-Wissenschaftler Anthony Cordesman (wenn der Begriff Wissenschaftler für jemanden, der in mehreren US-Administrationen gearbeitet hat, überhaupt so passt) hat sich die aktuellen Kriege der USA angeschaut und ein recht vernichtendes Fazit gezogen. Das gilt für die aktuelle US-Regierung unter Präsident Donald Trump, aber auch für die vorangegangenen:

Once again, a new Administration seems to have focused on the tactical level of conflict and called this a strategy but has failed to have any clear strategy for ending the fighting on favorable terms.

More than that, the new Administration seems to have accepted the legacy of the previous Administration by largely abandoning the civil side of each war. It is dealing with major insurgencies and civil war as if they were limited terrorist movements. It has no clear civil-military strategy, plans for stability operations, or options to create the level of governance and development that could bring a lasting peace. It has no grand strategy and is fighting half a war.

und beispielhaft für Afghanistan:

Seventeen years on, the U.S. has no real strategy in Afghanistan other than hoping that the Taliban will be exhausted first and be willing to negotiate on the government’s terms, or somehow be willing to split the country, and accept a division that gives it control over a substantial portion at the government’s expense.

Der Lesetipp:

Losing by „Winning“: America’s Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria