DroneWatch – der Sammler Dezember 2015/II


Der neue Sammler für unbemannte (nicht nur fliegende) Systeme.

Gleich mit einer aktuellen Meldung zu einem neuen Mitspieler im Drohnenmarkt – aus der New York Times:

Use by Iraqi Military May Be a Boon for China-Made Drones
After more than a decade of fighting in Iraq, the names of the American-made drones striking targets there have become familiar: Predator, Reaper, Sentinel.
But this month, a new model entered the fray: the Chinese-made Caihong-4.
According to footage released by the Iraqi armed forces, soldiers used the Chinese drone on Dec. 6 to destroy an ISIS position amid efforts to retake the city of Ramadi. (…)
Iraq is the only known export user of the drone, also known as the CH-4, which closely resembles the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper.