Warum Karzai unglücklich mit Amerika ist

Eine Leseempfehlung: Das Interview der Washington Post mit dem afghanischen Präsidenten Hamid Karzai, offensichtlich das erste Interview mit einem US-Medium seit längerer Zeit. Darin macht Karzai deutlich, warum er mit dem US-Engagement am Hindukusch unglücklich ist:

The relationship has been at a low point for a long time, at least since 2007, as far as Afghanistan is concerned and the Afghan president is concerned. It began to deteriorate with the civilian casualties and the neglectful attitude toward my complaints about it. In 2007, we had the most serious incident of civilian casualties in Herat province of Afghanistan, when things turned very difficult between us, and since then it has not recovered.
Of course, there other issues as well, secondary to civilian casualties. The private security firms, the parallel government structures, the contracts given to people, to individuals, causing corruption. And, of course, in a deeper way, reflecting a deeper lack of agreement between us, the way the so-called war on terror was fought. The sanctuaries were left alone outside Afghanistan and Pakistan, but the civilian villages were attacked. So when I say civilian casualties and when I say the incorrect strategy, the attack on the Afghan villages, that is exactly the crux of the difficulties.

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Transcript: Hamid Karzai says U.S.-Afghan relationship ‘has been at a low point for a long time’

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Interview: Karzai says 12-year Afghanistan war has left him angry at U.S. government

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