Der Weihnachtsmann im Visier…

An F-15E Strike Eagle rushes to assist Santa Claus, and serve as his wingman as he delivers presents around the world.  (U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Master Sgt. Kevin Wallace – Original Aurora Borealis photo by Senior Airman Joshua Strang)

Die, nun, kulturellen Unterschiede im Umgang mit Weihnachten zwischen Deutschen und Amerikanern sind hier schon zur Sprache gekommen. Die Geschichte, die die US-Streitkräfte zum Einsatz von Kampfjets für Santa Claus veröffentlicht haben, machen diese Differenzen noch ein bisschen deutlicher… Ein Auszug:

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho – What would the world be like if Santa was shot down by an RPG?
It’s not unimaginable that an insurgent could pick off the jolly old man using a rocket-propelled grenade. After all, Rudolph’s nose is anything but tactical.
But, why would anyone want to kill such a jolly chap – an old fella‘ who only wants to bring smiles to children’s faces?
Some maintain it’s not that strange of an idea. After all, terrorists would destroy a school or other humanitarian project in a heartbeat.
“They’d take out a bridge or steal food and water from a starving family,” said Maj. Kristin Wehle, 366th Fighter Wing plans and programs officer, and F-15E Strike Eagle pilot.
Most terrorists are people who’d do pretty much anything to extend their radical beliefs, said Master Sgt. Brian Chris, 366th Operations Support Squadron intelligence superintendent.
“There’s no doubt that insurgents would try to kill Santa Claus,” said Chris. “However, with the low reliability of an RPG, I imagine they’d be using an SA-7 Man-Portable Air Defense System, or MANPADS.”

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