Surprise: I’m on the shortlist for the Defence IQ Blogging Awards

Now that’s really a surprise. Augen geradeaus! has made the Defence IQ Blogging Awards shortlist – if I’ve read it correctly, that’s the only non-Anglo/US blog – in other words, the only blog not originating in the English language sphere – on this shortlist.

(Correction: now I see there’s at least one blog from India and one from Eastern Europe, but it seems they are published in English completely.)

Something I would never have expected. And when I see the other well known names on this shortlist, I’m honoured.

Of course, Augen geradeaus! (the phrase has a double meaning in German: it’s the military command eyes front! as well as an expression for looking ahead) is focused on defence and security politics from a German perspective, and thus published mostly in German. However, I really should think about doing more entries in English. To help international readers understand the – sometimes difficult to grasp – relation of Germany and Germans to their armed forces and their deployments. I will do my very best.

(Who is the guy running this blog? Look here.)