Journalismus aus, über, für Afghanistan: Razistan

Manche Projekte bekommt man ja nur mit Verzögerung mit. Wie das sehr beeindruckende Projekt Razistan, dass mehr von und über Afghanistan berichten will – in der vermutlich richtigen Befürchtung, dass spätestens beim Abzug der internationalen Truppen das Interesse dramatisch abnimmt:

America’s war in Afghanistan is drawing to a close, but the tragedy that it has become is far from over. After more than a decade of fighting, it appears very likely that America will leave Afghanistan in a perilously unstable condition. The people who remain will find themselves caught between a brutal and far-from-defeated insurgency, a deeply corrupt government, armed ethnic factions, criminal networks, terrorists, and the clandestine meddling of foreign intelligence services. Afghanistan’s impoverished economy will continue to regress after foreign assistance declines, and there will be fewer NGOs to help the indigent, the displaced, the wounded, and the orphaned.

The Western media’s interest in Afghanistan will almost certainly diminish along with the Western troops. It’s already happening. Last year, the war in Afghanistan accounted for roughly two percent of the news content published in the United States. This was the same year that 3,021 Afghan civilians (a record for the war) and 566 coalition members (the second highest toll since 2001) were killed.

Derzeit läuft ein Spendenaufruf für das Projekt, aber Bilder gibt es schon reichlich zu gucken.