NATO, please be a bit more careful

Dear NATO,

we all are prone to mistakes, of course.

However, when you announced today that the press briefing on NATO’s Libya operations would be streamed live on your internet channel, I tuned in – luckily, at the same time I had the BBC on my TV. And guess what? What BBC (and CNN) transmitted live was a completely different presser.

Maybe you should have checked whether the same spokeswoman was doing the briefing  live – and in your recording. Because this is not Oana Lungescu:

Hopefully, the targeting process in Libya is done a bit more careful?

Update: without admitting the mistake, NATO now has a recording of today’s real presser on file…

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  1. @chickenhawk

    (mixing the languages ;-.) )

    Obvously the vid on the internet was a recording. when BBC and CNN at the same time say what they show is live on the air, I tend to believe them…

  2. There might have been a hint that the video (from which the still is taken) was indeed pre-recorded:

    If you take a closer look at the bottom right, there is a time stamp: 0:37:28/0:40:48
    They probably wouldn’t have been able to forecast the precise length of the press conference while it is still going on.

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