Reporting back for duty

Augen geradeaus!, the title of this blog, in German has a second meaning: It’s the military command Eyes front! as well as the advice look ahead. So, I choose Augen geradeaus! for my blog which I ran for Focus magazine from January 2007 through January 2010, using it as a journalist’s tool for reporting on military and defense related matters.

After six months interruption, Augen geradeaus! is back. As I’m an independent journalist now, it’s still a journalist’s tool, but it’s mine. And I’ll continue reporting – and sometimes just pointing out – what’s going on on this field, or let’s say: in my area of responsibility.

Most of the postings in this blog will focus on the German military, the Bundeswehr, and on German security and defense politics (yes, there is one). But with deployments as far afield as Afghanistan, with the German commitment to NATO and the EU Security and Defense Policy, there will be more to report that just a German perspective.

Albeit infrequently, I will post in English on topics I assume might be of interest for an international audience. So please do not expect translations of each posting here – that will just be to much for a one man enterprise. But do not hesitate to contact me if you think what’s going on in Germany, in the German armed forces or in the German area of responsibility in some NATO or EU mission justifies an explanation for all you non-German speakers out there.